Alexander-Technik wird traditionell in Einzelstunden unterrichtet.
In der Regel braucht es 20 – 30 Stunden, ehe die Methode im Alltag gefestigt ist.
In einem persönlichen Vorgespräch klären wir, welches Format Ihnen am
ehesten gerecht wird.

Mein Angebot umfasst

  • Probeunterricht von  3  Lektionen à 45 min.
  • Einzel  –  oder Tandem – Stunden,      45 bzw. 60 min.
  • Fortlaufende  Gruppe  wöchentlich     90 min.


  • Music is a game for playing – not for winning.“
      –  nicht nur für Musiker !
  • “ Rücken(ohne)Probleme „

Einzelheiten zu den Workshops auf Anfrage


Single or group lessons are given in English as well.

The shortest description of the Alexander Technique is
„psycho-physical re-education“.

That’s what F.M. Alexander (1869-1955) had called the method
he developed by self-observation and experimentation in the
course of 7 years after he had partially lost his voice – ruinous
for an ambitious actor and reciter.

Mindful postural education alleviates functional problems, stress,
and pain. With verbal guidance and gentle touch Alexander teachers
help people to regain easy harmonious coordination in their body,
naturally followed by freedom and balance in mind and emotion.

The method is powerful – the means, teachers use, are subtle.
We are specialised in working with our hands and create the
frame where a person may safely explore and expand its
own individual self.